5M SYNC-enabled Ford cars can now get Siri Eyes-Free

Ford Sync

The Ford Motor Company installs its bespoke infotainment system called SYNC, into the majority of their modern cars. The system allows drivers to enjoy the safety of keeping their eyes on the road while at the same time completing tasks like making phone calls, changing up the music and even the ability for drivers to start their car remotely.

Now Ford is adding Siri Eyes-Free to the SYNC infotainment system allowing drivers to access additional iPhone features hands-free. If you purchased a vehicle in 2011 or later, you will get to enjoy these new capabilities. According to Ford, more than 5 million drivers will get to enjoy Siri through the infotainment system.

“Siri Eyes-Free is another great voice-activated feature that not only adds convenience but helps our customers keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel,” stated Sherif Marakby, director, Ford Electronics and Electrical Systems Engineering.

What can Siri Eyes-Free do for you?

A long press of the voice recognition button on your steering wheel will activate Siri. Then it is over to you to ask Siri anything you need to know while driving around town. Requests include phoning certain contacts in your address book or getting Siri to find the number of a certain restaurant or business. Ask Siri about the weather or set alarms or reminders for important tasks. Select and play your favorite song or get Siri to get you directions through Apple Maps. Finally, audibly send and receive text messages using Siri.

You can view how to use Siri to send a text message audibly in the video below:

How to update your SYNC infotainment system with Siri Eyes-Free

If you are one of the 5 million drivers who now get to enjoy the updated software, you can follow the simple download and install process. Head over to the Ford owner’s website and download the update onto a USB drive. Plug the USB into the port in your car and the SYNC touch screen will walk you through the 20-minute installation process. If you are in Europe, you will need to make a trip to a local dealership for the update to be installed, with a download being made available at a later date.

Image credit: Simon Cohen, Flickr

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