Destiny 2’s explosive gameplay reveal trailer – And it’s got jokes!

Destiny 2 is upon us, and Bungie appears to have outdone itself. A new gameplay trailer from the company shows off an experience that looks more action-packed and contains the much-needed dose of character that many felt come up a bit flat in the original Destiny release.

And of course, it’s got a nice Inception “WHHHOOOMMMM,” as well since we very well can’t have a trailer without that these days…

Dude bro, Guardian

Forgive an ignoramus like myself for not having spent a lot of time with Destiny and its other-worldly action, but I have no idea who this smart-cracking Guardian is in the opening and closing cutscene. Is he new? Is he from the DLC expansions? Destiny needed a dose of character added to it, but I think that this dude bro might bring a little too much. At least he wears a hood and doesn’t have a collar to pop.

Destiny 2 launches for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Sept. 8.

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