Dig into one of the top business operating systems in the world with this bundle

Linux is the prime operating system for any programmer who takes their work seriously. It’s extremely flexible and is considered the top operating system for engineers at companies like Google and Facebook. TechnoBuffalo is currently offering the Complete Linux Mastery Bundle for just $39, perfect for anyone who wants a holistic understanding of Linux.

The Complete Linux Mastery Bundle is a six-course bundle designed to help you understand all the ins and outs of Linux upon completion. With over 33 hours of content, this bundle will teach you the basics of JavaScript and the fundamental know-how behind all operating systems.

You’ll learn how to set up Linux on your own computer before building systems administration skills and running Linux on embedded computing devices. Leverage this bundle, and you’ll be a Linux wiz-kid in no time.

The Complete Linux Mastery Bundle is usually $1770, but TechnoBuffalo is offering it to readers now for $39.

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