Google Allo working on a WhatsApp-like web client: Report

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Google Allo 9.0 reveals its desktop version, which seems quite similar to WhatsApp

Google recently updated its chat app Allo to version 9.0, and this latest version focuses mainly on bug fixes and improvements. The update also hints at the possibility of Google rolling out a desktop client for Allo users. Nick Fox, Google’s VP of Communications Products recently teased a desktop client in the works and the next update might see it made live for users. 

Google Allo’s web client will be similar to WhatsApp Web, letting users access their messages over the desktop simply by scanning the QR code. There is also a provision for a text code to pair up over web. 9to5Google leaked the upcoming feature and even went hands-on with the Allo web client. As Google Allo will ape WhatsApp Web, the desktop client will continue to battle the same limitation — that of standalone web client. Presently, WhatsApp Web relies on both paired devices being in a specific range and having access to an internet connection.

But Google Allo’s web client is expected to come with a few tricks up its sleeves. Quick Selfie is one such feature. This will automatically power the front cam letting the user take a selfie, and share it directly within the app. Further, Google Allo will also support incognito chats for groups soon. As the name suggests, chats in incognito mode leave no traces, and no chat history will be saved. ALSO READ: Snapchat denies calling India a ‘poor country’; BoycottSnapchat trends on Twitter

The feature is presently in development stage with even the beta update unavailable to all users. It could be a while before the new feature is officially announced or rolled out. With competition intensifying, apps are trying their best to stay on top of their game. Google Allo which competes directly with WhatsApp is still missing certain key features.

One feature demanded by most users is chat backup and history. Presently, Allo users have no means of saving their chats or history on their present devices and if the phone is changed, all message history is automatically lost. There’s no word on whether Google plans on tackling the issue through coming updates.

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