How Google, Facebook and Apple came out in support of Charlie Hebdo #JeSuisCharlie


France has been rocked by a brutal attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, when terrorists stormed into the Paris office killing 12 people. This attack has sparked a global outrage, with protestors taking to the streets in Paris as well as other big cities across the world. Big companies like Apple, Google and Facebook among others too have come out and condemned the violence.


google-france-je-suis-charlieGoogle has the black Je Suis Charlie (“I am Charlie”) badge on its France website, which has come to represent the global outrage. In addition to honoring them with a badge, Google is also backing Charlie Hebdo’s efforts to print 1 million copies of the next edition — its biggest ever print run. The magazine’s normal print run includes 30,000 copies, but in honor of those who lost their lives, the magazine plans on printing 1 million copies. Google-backed Fund for Digital Innovation has donated 250,000 euro to the magazine, while French newspapers will be pooling in a similar amount. Charlie Hebdo’s distributors too have pledged that they will not be charging anything this month while distributing the copies.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote a heartfelt post on the social network condemning the attack on the journalists. Zuckerberg reflected on his own experience with extremism when an extremist in Pakistan tried to have him sentenced to death because “Facebook refused to ban content about Mohammed that offended him.” He has urged people not to be scared of a “group of extremists trying to silence the voices and opinions of everyone else around the world.”

Post by FB Newswire.


apple-je-suis-charlieLike Google, Apple too has put a black banner on its French website in honor of those who lost their lives in the attack. The banner features the phrase Je Suis Charlie.

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