There’s already a Chrome extension for blocking Pokémon GO online

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Can’t stand the constant Pokémon GO chatter? The new mobile game is already a certified hit, but if you’re not a fan of Pikachu and the rest of the gang, it’s probably been a pretty rough week. Thankfully, there’s a new Chrome extension for muting all that Poké-talk (as my parents used to call it) online.

“Pokémon NO!” promises to block every single mention of Pokémon on the internet, including on Facebook and Twitter. Just download the extension and then click on the icon (a Ghostbuster’s style no-Pikachus sign) to launch it. Clicking on the icon again will also reveal how many times the word Pokémon has been deleted.

Unfortunately, this extension can’t block any mentions of Pokémon GO in the real world. The game actively encourages people to go out and track down local landmarks, which means crowds of excited gamers may suddenly show up in front of your favorite restaurant or even outside your house.

It’s possible this entire Pokémon GO craze could die down in a few weeks or months, but, for now, at least you can block any mention of the game online. Hit the source link below to grab Pokémon NO! right now.

Source: Pokemon NO!

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