Vivaldi, a new powerful and feature rich browser from the founder of Opera


Opera browser is one of the oldest third party browser application whose roots can be traced back to the Symbian days. Opera which started out as a faster and less data consuming browser has undergone extensive changes and is more streamlined to attract the less geeky users. Most of the Opera loyalist were displeased at the loss of some features which differentiated it from other standard browsers.

This has prompted Jon von Tetzchner, the founder of Opera, to kick start an entirely new project as reported by Gigaom that will focus on creating a hardcore web browser, which will be called Vivaldi. If you are thinking Vivaldi will be all about the old Operas innards then you are wrong as the Vivaldi will still be based on the modern and more secure Chromium kit but will host features like advanced bookmark manager, tab stacking and will support multiple session windows.

The so-called power browser will also feature an improvised HTML5 based UI that will facilitate better color adaption for the pages being visited. Vivaldi also has a community suite called which renders the blogging and brainstorming features. It is but ironic that Opera discarded the My Opera community.

”We believe it will be natural playing ground for those that are using the browser, with a free mail service and a place you can put your photos,” Tetzcher told the publication.

He was quick to add that currently Vivaldi is not a commercial venture and they will be adding functionalities and change it to appease the users.

The final version of the browser is yet to be readied and the plans for a mobile browser are also being worked upon. According to Tetzcher, the browser will host more functionalities than what the consumers are used to and it would also have different ways to perform the same operation.

Vivaldi draws its power from a team of 25 members, majority of whom are ex-Opera employees. Will Vivaldi become a hit or will it enter the much dreaded graveyards of apps is a question only time can answer. The browser battle in all the ecosystems is extremely fierce with the Chrome taking away large piece of cake and the remaining browsers battling for the leftovers.

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